Cattle & Sheep Fencing

High Tensile netting is the most effective way of retaining stock. With its ground hugging capabilities to prevent lambs escaping underneath and its ability to keep its tension for many years if erected professionally. Its the perfect solution to many applications. Whether you're fencing for cattle, sheep pigs, goats, horses, chickens or for keeping rabbits out we can provide a fence to suit.


All of our stock netting fences are topped with two strands of High Tensile barbed wire or to make the fence even more effective it can be finished with a single strand of High Tensile Permanent electric wire powered by mains, battery or solar powered energiser. This prevents all stock from leaning on the fence or reaching over it therefore extending its life.


One of our features is that all our wire is tied to the strainer posts by hand using a unique knot ensuring personal attention to quality and tension. It also means there is no need for clips or staples eliminating the risk of the wire losing tension due to clips or staples failing.


Furthermore the netting which we use is HT8/90/30 (as shown opposite) which gives us a leading edge as there are major advantages especially when containing livestock due to the extra height over conventional netting alongside the wider spaced vertical wires.