About Us

Derbyshire Stock Fencing LTD was established in 1987 with the core value of providing high quality fencing solutions at exceptionally high standards. We are based in Derbyshire but proudly serve the nation maintaining the same values and work ethic to the present day.

We began supplying and erecting high quality fencing in the 1980’s just as high tensile wire was being introduced to the UK from New Zealand. After winning the National Fencing Contractors competition in 1990 we established ourselves as one of the country’s leading companies for quality workmanship.

Since becoming established we have continued to develop connections through various platforms and stay up to date on the developments within the agricultural field. This has enabled us to provide the most up to date solutions and embrace new technologies which allow us to still deliver the exceptional high standard which remains at the heart of the company.

We specialise in all types of Agricultural and Equestrian fencing and use only Tornado High Tensile wire products, Pel and Rutland Permanent Electric Fencing products. This longstanding chain has led to a concurrent working relationship between suppliers and manufacturers and ourselves ensuring the highest quality end product for the customer.

We only use the highest quality timber which in line with the changing customer needs now has the option of having a life expectancy of 30 years due to the advanced pressure treatments available from our treatment partners. This enables us to offer a more sustainable, cost effective and economical fencing solution in the current climate. Other treatment options are available at your request.